Providing Services – all over India and abroad with committed team and long year of experience and expertise.

Type of Services offering for various industries :

(A) AR- Services

1. Application of mastic
2. Application of Screeding
3. Application of Glass Reinforced Resin Membrane
4. Application of Acid Resistant Brick lining and Tile lining with suitable mortar
5. Application of Furan laminate lining over the concrete surface
6. Application of Self levelling floor coating
7. Application of Adhesive
8. Application of Expansion joint sealants
9. Application of Coal Tar Epoxy coating and screeding.

(B) FRP-Services

1. Design, Fabrication, installation and testing of FRP tanks, Pipes & Fittings and Scrubber.
2. Design, Fabrication, installation and testing of FRP cooling towers & WESP
3. Design, Fabrication, Installation of wearshield spray headers
4. Installation of FRP Gratings
5. Design, Fabrication, Installation and testing of FRP process equipment’s
6. FRP lining over the concrete and steel surface
7. Installation of FRP Louvers
8. Installation of Bus bar cover & hoods

(C) Polymer Concrete Cells for Copper & Zinc Refiners

1. Design, Casting, Installation and Commissioning of polymer concrete cells

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