Carbon Bricks / Tiles / Shapes

Carbon bricks and tiles are recommended for hydrofluoric acid, hydroflurosilicic acid and their salts conditions. They are also specified for thermal fluctuations or cyclic conditions where the conventional acid resistant brick is not satisfactory. In addition to bricks and tiles CUMI Prodorite is equipped to supply carbon shapes and blocks as per customer requirements. Standard Carbon and Tiles meet ASTM C1160 specifications. These products are sold under the brand name of CUMIBON – Carbon Bricks.

S.No Characteristics CUMIBON 100
1. Bulk Density, g/cc 1.6 +/- 0.1
2. Water absorption, %, Max 8
3. Porosity, %, Max 16
4. Compressive strength, Kg/cm2, Min 700
5. Flexural Strength, Kg/cm2, Min 150
6. Ash, %, Max 2
7. Carbon Content %, Min 98
8. Temperature Resistance, deg C 150
9. Chemical Resistance Excellent for high acidic conditions

Standard size : 230 x 115 x 100/75/65/40mm

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