Industry Applications


Pickling plant, Water treatment plant, Effluent tanks, Battery rooms, Sinter Plants, Chimneys, In bye product plants like a) coal tar pitch b)ammonium sulfate floors, drains etc. in process, storage, loading areas.

Fertilizer Plant

Oleum plant, Various towers and tanks in Sulfuric acid plants, Phosphoric acid plant, Battery rooms, Ammonium sulfate plants, Urea prilling towers, silos, chimneys, DAP plant floors, Acid storage tanks and tank farm areas etc.

Petrochemical Plants

VCM/PVC, PTA, Acrylic fiber, DM Water plant floors and drains, Waste water treatment plant.


Machine shop, Fabrication shop, press shop, body shop, Plating area, Painting area, Heat treatment area, Assembly area, OMT paint area.

Pulp & Paper

Chests, vats, pits, Hypo tower, Hypo clarifier, Chlorine/Chlorine-di-oxide/Hydrogen per oxide towers, Washers, Water treatment plants, Floors in paper machine plant.

Metals (Nonferrous)

Leaching tanks, neutralization tanks, clinker tank, Thickener, filter tanks, settling, chlorination and storage tanks, dusting tank, electrolytic cells, digesters, launders, scrubbers, spent electrolyte storage tanks, cooling towers, floors, drains.

Chemical Plants

Process equipment, water treatment
and effluent treatment
plant floors and drains.

Thermal Power Plants

Battery rooms,
DM Water plant, Chimneys

Dyes and Intermediates

Water treatment plants, Effluent treatment plants, Filter box/press, Reaction/process vessels, floors, drains, chemical storage tanks.

Chlor Alkali, Manmade fiber (Viscose/Rayon) Plants

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