Polymer Concrete Products

POLYMER CONCRETE based products: CUMI Prodorite & Composite has grown over the years in polymer concrete technology. Today it is the undisputed leader globally in supplying single cast huge polymer concrete based electrolytic cells for copper and zinc refineries. And has associated with all the copper refineries in India as the preferred vendor for supply of polymer concrete electrolytic cells and cell house floor protection.

– 5000+ Cells Casted all over the world, so far
– CUMI PCC are casted, supplied, erected at customer premises all over the world
– Polymer Concrete Electrolytic Cells for Cu and Zn Industry
– Monolithic Construction
– Excellent Corrosion Resistance
– Outstanding Abrasion and Impact Resistance
– No need of any Inner lining
– Maintenance free, Polyester based Composites

Polymer Concrete Electrolytic Cells

Polymer Concrete Drains

Polymer Concrete Flooring

Polymer Concrete Cell – Copper Refineries

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