Acid Resistant Masonary Lining

On the basis of economic consideration, concrete and steel continues to be the primary and principal materials of choice for industrial plant construction & facilities. But unfortunately they are sensitive and reactive to many of the industrial corrosive environments and as a result require protective treatment to ensure its design service life.

Acid resistant brick/tile lining is a proven methodology used to counter the severe industrial corrosion and save machinery and plant facilities. A general descriptive of this lining follows: over the prepared surface of steel or concrete, apply one coat of primer followed by application of typically a mastic membrane followed by brick or tile – single, double or multi-layer – set in a suitable chemical resistant mortar; for reasons of cost & value it is possible to specify a more economic acid resistant cement for bedding the brick/tile followed by adopting a premium chemical resistant cement for the exposed phase called ‘pointing’.

While the bricks/tiles find useful for a variety of operating chemical and service conditions, no one particular chemical resistant cement is suitable for different operating chemical and service conditions. In view of these, different chemical resistant cements are used for different operating chemical and service conditions based on their suitability.

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