FRP roof sheets saved replacement cost for heat treatment plant

One of the leading Cutting Tool manufacturer faced a severe corrosion problem in their traditional powder coated metal roof sheets in their heat treatment plant environment. They contacted us for a good solution for their corrosion problem.

Our Team visited their plant and after thorough corrosion audit, suggested our FRP Roof Sheets to address their nagging corrosion issue due to the fumes from the Heat treatment area. Based on that we received trial order. Our Scope includes selection of suitable specially formulated resin system to take care of the fumes, fabrication and supply of Translucent FRP Roof Sheets, with UV resistance.

Initially they have replaced in one of their Heat treatment areas. After seeing the performance they have changed the entire Heat treatment plant areas with FRP Roof sheets. Totally replaced around 2000 sq. mtr.

They are now very happy as no corrosion and saved their regular metal roof sheet replacement cost and maintenance cost too.

FRP gratings saved recurring replacement cost in pickling

During our regular customer / plant visit to one of the leading steel tubes manufacturers in South India, we observed a lot of corroded steel gratings in the pickling line area. The plant maintenance people indicated that the corrosion of steel gratings has been a recurrent problem area for them.

The hydrochloric acid fumes around the pickling lines led to corrosion of the steel gratings. The corrosion problem was so severe that in spite of regular painting and maintenance, they were forced to replace the entire gratings frequently.

We told them about our CUMIGRATE product. They were very impressed with the advantages of FRP gratings like corrosion resistance, high strength to weight ratio, nonsparking, non-conductive, resilience, radio transparency, permanent colour and very low maintenance cost. Based on the outstanding performance in a trial area, they have changed the entire platform with CUMIGRATE FRP Gratings. They have realized savings in both maintenance and replacement costs.